Saturday, November 29, 2008

Get Spotted YO!

Hey You!
Do you love clothes? (duh)
Do you have a brand new Sitka surfboard? (I wish)
Do you like supporting rad things your friends are doing? (of course)
Do you love Coastal??? (you better!)

Cuz we sure love you.
Well, show some pride! From now until June 2009, Coastal is sponsoring a "Get Spotted in Coastal" contest. The skinny is this: Be seen wearing a Coastal tee, and win something. It's really that easy; I'm not kidding. In addition to winning something just for supporting us, you will be entered to win a Sitka surfboard (a $750 value)!!! The grand prize winner will be announced in the beginning of Summer 2009, giving you plenty of time to USE your fresh new Sitka goodie.

So, swoop into the nearest Coastal, and mention this promo to get your new Coastal shirt for only 9 bucks!!! That alone, is a $15 value!!! Once you have your shirt on, go for a walk, go to class, come back in to Coastal, whatever, but just BE SEEN wearing it! Another way to get involved is to take a picture of you in your shirt (and ALL of your friends!!!) and send the pics in to, along with your info, to be entered into the contest that way.

So come, on in and BE SEEN!!!
Coastal loves you soooo much, it's your turn to show the love, and win some sweet stuff!
Shine darlin', shine!

1 comment:

seaweedtoasted said...

really? wow! what a great marketing campaign! i love you guys!See you soon to grab a $9 tee!
I'll help pass the word too...