Friday, April 1, 2011

FRESH new brand - Quiksilver Girl

Coastal welcomes Quiksilver Girl to the shop.

How does Quiksilver Girl’s product compare to Roxy and Quiksilver Women’s from a price point standpoint?
Price point wise it’s more in line with Roxy [than Quiksilver Women's]. It’s right in that mid-to-upper tier junior’s marketplace [$24-$88].

What’s the design direction and inspiration of the line?
The color story is a lot more subdued than what you’d expect from a brand like Roxy. Roxy is very colorful, bright, and energetic. The Quiksilver Girl’s line is a little bit more romantic in feel. There are some blues and greens, some chambray, gray, and some washed whites.

It’s classic in nature, which doesn’t mean it’s not on-trend, but it’s not a trendy line. It’s built around pieces that are worn and loved and you keep in your closet for a very long time.

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